About Me

I'm currently employed full time, so I'm not taking any freelance work at the moment, however if you want to connect for future openings please do so through my linked profile.

About Miguel Estrada

I started in 1991 as a Printed Media Designer, producing anything from brochures to magazines and annual reports. Then, in 1994, my passion for Technology and Graphic Communication lead me to explore the Internet, and that's how I became a Web Designer and later on a Web Developer.

Having a higher education in Business Administration, combined with a solid career on IT and Graphic Media, lead me to naturally come in contact with Business Intelligence by 2007, when I took the challenge to design and develop Xcelsius Dashboards as a way to communicate complex data in an organized, logical, practical, yet visually appealing way.

Thus, I enjoy very much all aspects of Web Development and also Business Intelligence Dashboards, as well as the combination of both.

I've had the opportunity to work with great companies with admirable individuals in all of them. That's why I'm always aiming to secure lasting relationships with talented people, and long term positions with growth opportunities at leading companies, where my skills could be applied and improved.

Por supuesto hablo español. Je parle français. Eu falo um pouquinho de português.