Accessibility jobs on the rise

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The image shows a shared open office space with many people working at workstations with big monitors.

When I finished writing the article about the Web Accessibility Engineer, I started to keep track of the links I posted there. Consequently, I noticed the information linked in there seemed to evolve over time. Hence, my curiosity led me to dig deeper into what other Web Accessibility Jobs could be found, or trending, for a Web Accessibility Professional. There are quite a bunch, and certainly on the rise.

This is great, it makes me very happy for newcomers and the new generation of professionals who join the Web Accessibility domain. For the most part, this work domain used to be a very lonely occupation before the year 2015. Or at least it was for me. That is to say, very few people could play along when implementing Web Accessibility.

To share the joy and for those who are interested, I will list and update my findings of Web Accessibility Jobs in this post. In addition to this, if you stumbled upon this post by chance and have a search string you want to share. Please do so in the comments. Do not post individual job positions. Only search strings.

Search strings and websites

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Most common positions

  • Web Accessibility Engineer
  • Web Accessibility Specialist
  • Accessibility Consultant
  • UX Designer for Accessibility
  • Accessibility Lead
  • Accessibility QA
  • Frontend Developer – Accessibility
  • Software Engineer – Accessibility
  • Technical Writer – Accessibility